As you can tell from the post title we have pets. We have quite the variety of animals at our house and each one of them bring a unique dynamic to the household.  Today, I wanted to write about our dog “Jetta” who as you may have guessed is a Siberian Husky.

Jetta, is our first Siberian husky, so I will share with you what I have learned about this breed and some things to look for if you are considering purchasing one of these dogs.

Let me begin….


Jetta first came into our life in June 2016. We had recently experienced the passing of our American Bulldog named “Kandace”.  We have another dog named Kody who was extremely down and depressed after, so we knew we needed to get another dog as Kody was clearly unhappy.

We began to research what types of dogs would best fit our household.  We looked at dozens of shelters and researched countless purebreds. After many shelter visits, and not finding the “One”, we finally came across the Siberian Husky breed.  Now, Siberian huskies were NOT a breed that was new to me.  Both my husband and I had grown up with friends and family that had huskies, or husky mixes. We, however, just never thought about getting one ourselves.  Our general knowledge of huskies were that they were cold weather dogs, they howl, have a TON of energy and “Balto” was a husky.  That was really the extent of our “expert” knowledge.

None the less, after some research and deciding that this breed did have many of the qualities we wanted in a dog, we decided to purchase a puppy from a local breeder.

It was a Saturday, June 2016 and we had not told our daughter we were getting a puppy. She had known we were looking, but not that we had actually made a decision.  I arrived at the breeder and she brought me in to meet the puppy. Jetta was in a little pen with her brother and the moment I walked in she came bounding over to me with this infectious happiness and good vibe energy.  This was our puppy, I just knew it in that moment. After months of searching we had found her! The breeder and I completed our transaction, then Jetta and I hit the road, heading home to what I was assuming going to be a very surprised and happy kid.

The car ride home Jetta was obsessed with the music coming out of the car speaker.  She kept perking up her ears and turning her head side to side. At multiple points tried to eat the speaker in an attempt to get to the source of the sound. The song that got her barking at the speaker though was “LMFAO – Sorry for party rocking”.

When I pulled into the driveway,  I called my husband on my phone and told him to get our daughter.  She came out eyes closed and we told her to put her hands out.  We told her it was going to be heavy so be prepared, and into her hands we placed Jetta.  The look on my daughter’s face was priceless.  She was speechless and overwhelmed with excitement. Jetta, also seemed just as ecstatic to be meeting our daughter.  It was instant kisses and excited puppy squeaks.  These two were instant friends and from that moment they have been pretty much inseparable!


One Year and 2 months later….

It is exactly 1 year and 2 months later and Jetta has grown into a beautiful almost adult husky. We absolutely love her and she is most certainly an infectious light in our house.  She really can make anyone who is sad happy or anyone frowning smile.  We have yet to meet someone who doesn’t want to pat her or comment on her personality.


We absolutely love Jetta and love this breed of dog.  She works perfectly into our life style.  We are definitely considering adding another husky to our family sometime next year.

For those of you who may be considering getting a husky, I must warn you of three things and these are the only negatives to owning a husky and they do NOT out weigh the enjoyment I get from this breed.

  1. These dogs have a TON of energy.  They are an extremely high energy breed.  I swear there is no end to it.  You can take them on a 5 mile walk, run them on a treadmill and bring them to a dog park and it does not faze them.  If you do not have the time or money to provide this dog with the necessary exercise do NOT get one.  You and you dog will be miserable.
  2. These dogs like to dig.  My yard looks like swiss cheese.  I’m NOT even joking.  I tried to mow my lawn and the wheels get caught in the holds and basically instead of cruising across a nice lawn, it feels more like I’m off-roading in a dune buggy.
  3. These dogs have a ton of hair.  When they start to shed the fur will come off in nice neat clumps, but it will be EVERYWHERE and it never seems to end.  Be prepared to vacuum multiple times of days for MONTHS and MONTHS.  Jetta is still going thru her first real shed and it has been months of non stop hair everywhere.  Be prepared to invest in a good dog brush that removes the undercoat or invest in a dog groomer.  I was not prepared for how much hair she had to lose and it at times feels overwhelming.


If you can deal with that than you definitely are going to enjoy this dog breed. 

We love Jetta so much and she has been truly an amazing addition to our family!jetta


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