One of my favorite things to do in the summer is hang outside by the fire.  I find it extremely relaxing to get my over sized sweater on, some leggings, my slippers and a big glass of wine and just relax with the family on the deck next to the fire.  It is a calm nirvana atmosphere that usually is only ruined by one thing….MOSQUITOES.

These annoying pest have on numerous occasions absolutely ruined my relaxing time and I personally feel that every year they have gotten worse.  I have come to the idea that they must have a personal vendetta against me and have targeted my home.  So I have decided to make it my mission to destroy them.


After doing some research, I have decided that I am going to first try the natural route. “Why not just spray your yard or put up a zap light?” a friend of mine asked.  Well, you see, I have children and pets, and the idea of spraying chemicals all over the place is just not the first solution I want to rush to.  As for the zap light, well lets just say I have an over curious Siberian husky and when she seems something “interesting” she will stop at nothing, and I mean NOTHING until she is able to “inspect” that object.  So, I would prefer to avoid my dog getting zapped. 

Instead, I have decided to plant some “Aromatic Mosquito Repellent Plants” in the beds around my deck and in my raised deck boxes.  I am hoping that these plants create a natural barrier that the mosquitoes will be offended by and turn tail.  

Below is a list of plants that will help deter mosquitoes and various insects.  I selected these plants as they are all aromatic and will not require me to crush or bruise the plant in order to release the repellent properties. Simplistic is what I ultimately wanted.  To plant these plants and let them do their thing.

Aromatic Mosquito Repellent Plants


– Smells wonderful
– Looks beautiful
– Aides in relaxation
– Promotes restful sleep
– Drought resistant
– Perennial
– The dried flowers repel moths. Try sticking a few in your wardrobe.
– Perennial
– Grows 1-3 feet tall
– Bitter taste
– Has wide array of medicinal uses
– Perennial
– Has a wide array of medicinal uses
– Repels mosquitoes, moths, flies, mice, ants, cockroaches, bedbugs.
– Warning: Please note that if you freely plant this you must watch it as it will spread quickly and can over take a garden.
– Smell wonderful
– Very Pretty
– Depending on species they are either perennials or annuals.
– Petunias have small sticky hairs that trap insects.  After and insect is trapped the roots will absorb the nutrients from the insect it has trapped.
– Prefer full sun but often do well on an often shady deck.
– Repels mosquito via crushed or intact. 
– Good option to plant in containers and place around your deck.
– Perennial
– Keep this contained in a pot or deck box and put around your deck. They spread quickly.
– You can eat the leaves
– Beautiful flower that adds a nice pop of color to your landscape.
– In addition to mosquitoes, marigolds deter insects that attack tomato plants
– Most effective types are Lemon Basil and Cinnamon Basil
– You can eat it! Pesto anyone?
– Belongs to the mint family


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