House De-cluttering!  Everyone’s favorite thing to to do! LOL…Yah Right!

So, I have been in the process of decluttering my house.  As one would imagine, it is not an easy process and it often proves to be extremely difficult.  I have been attempting to break my clutter into multiple categories based on where things are going such as a Recycle Pile, Yard Sale Pile, Trash Pile, etc.

Now, I was going thru my de-clutter process down in the cellar, when I came across a big pile of scrap wood consisting of various sizes such as 2x4s, 1x3s & 2x3s.  As I was thinking of what to do with all this wood, the idea of using it to make something dawned on me.  What a brilliant idea it was! Totally brilliant until it came time to actually make that “something”.  The idea eluded me for a few hours before I decided I wanted to make a sort of rustic TV console table.

I had been looking at a new table for under the TV for some time now. Our previous one was way too low to the ground and tiny.  I wanted something long, open and much taller. So I got the measurements of the space I wanted the table to fill under the TV and got to work.

The result was exactly what I wanted and fits my space perfectly! I am very pleased that I made it myself and that I was able to utilizing scrap wood that I other wise would have just gotten rid of.




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